Company History

In the year 1968 Dorothee Baake founded the Dorothee Baake Immobilien GbR based in Dachau.
On May 1, 1979 it was renamed to Immobilien - Verwaltungen D. Baake GmbH.
In 1994, the area of property management was outsourced and Brigitte Kurz and Daniel Aschoff took over the independent company Baake Hausverwaltungen GmbH. The headquarters remained in Dachau, since 1996 in the Münchner Straße 42.

In January 2011 Brigitte Kurz took the well-deserved retirement. Daniel Aschoff leads the company continues as shareholder and managing director.

Our company structure

Managing Director: Daniel Aschoff
Einzelprokura: Alexander Weiss

The Management

Our administrative team consists of 5 employees

The Accounting

Our accounting team consists of 6 employees

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