The management of residential community includes a wide range of tasks. The managing of the community's financial budget, organizing the annual owners meetings or the prudent planning and implementation of maintenance and modernization measures are also included.

Here is a brief overview of our field of activity.

General Property Management
  • Correspondence with the apartment owners, authorities, craftsmen and others
  • Regular inspections of the objects
  • Organization and execution of the annual owners meetings
  • Draw up the reports and sending it to the owners
  • Implementation of decisions
  • Obtaining legal advice
  • Representation in case of legal disputes between lawyers and court by authorization of the owner community
Technical Property Management
  • Controlling technical equipment
  • Commission facility management
  • Conclusion of contract and monitoring of maintenance contracts for all prescribed service inspections
  • Emergency measures in acute damage to buildings (broken pipe, storm damage), notification and invoice with the insurance
  • Get offers for repairs or renewals
  • Commissioning of maintenance, modernization, refurbishment or renovation work
Commercial Property Management
  • Condo fee: examination of payments, management of dunning, account management
  • Verification and payment of all suppliers, service and repair bills
  • Drawing up the annual utility billing
  • Posting the heating expenses in the respective annual accounts of the Community as well as the individual owner
  • Calculation the economic plan for each coming year